Curious about NFTs, blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, philosophy, space exploration, psychology and many other things.

Focus: Tokenized Art

I've started the blockchain collective Collectors Hub that supports communites, artists and platforms on Ethereum. They are disrupting the world of digital art. Our dApps allow collectors to engage with (e.g. manage or show-case) their NFTs. Enjoy my collection on Gallerist.

Reneils Tripz: Personal NFTs

While diving deeper into tokenized Art I had the idea to switch sides and issue my very own artworks. I create altered NFTs from photos that I record on my exploration through different worlds. Each of these art pieces references to an NFT that I own or have owned along the ride.

Looking for Web3 Devs?

My company Qwellcode is located in Germany and has years of experience within the Ethereum ecosystem. Hit me up in case you want to contract professional dapp developers and we'll have a chat.

Proof of Attendance for real and virtual events

During ETHDenver 2019 I helped the team to build and ship the POAP mvp to Ethereum Mainnet. The Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) allows event organizers to issue event-attendance NFTs. Web3 users collect these tokens to increase their reputation amongst communities in the internet of value.


Verifiable owner of the first techno-video NFT on Ethereum.
Watch the official teaser and learn more on Twitter.

Event Locations in Germany

Friends of mine can provide prestigious locations for blockchain-related events in several cities across Germany. They provide full-service catering and play variete shows for several hundred people.

Get in touch and I can arrange prioritized chats. The theatres are located in Bad Oeynhausen, Bonn, Bremen, Essen, Hannover, Muenster and Munich.


First tokenized photograph of the Rolling Stones.The photo was taken during the "No Filter" tour in Manchester (06/05/2018). The photo was taken from "Pit B" in front of the stage.

Visit rollingstonesnft.eth for more info.

Decentralized Microblogging

Before you open any social links checkout my Peepeth account. This microblogging service runs on Ethereum and is immutable - Nothing can be deleted. Think twice, peep once.