I am Reneil

NFTs since 2017. Building on Ethereum and Polygon. Curious about tokenized art, virtual avatars, decentralized finance, web3 dapps and distributed systems.

Focus: Tokenized Art

After starting the blockchain art collective Collectors Hub in 2020 to empower artists and collectors I've joined the Museum of Crypto Art to transition the project into the worlds first digital, community-governed museum. I curate my tokenized art collection in transparent manner.

Digital Avatar Identities

The intersection of tokenization and virtual avatars enables interesting opportunities. My personal project in this area is called "Nature". She is an interoperable 3D avatar who curates an art gallery, travels the metaverse and builds social influence. Visit her official website to learn more.

Our Development Team

My company Qwellcode was founded in 2013 and has years of experience with Ethereum and NFTs. If you are searching professional web3 developers we can help. Our company designs tailored tokenization strategies for your product or service and executes on bleeding edge tech stacks.

Provable event attendance

During ETHDenver 2019 I helped the team to build and ship the POAP mvp to Ethereum Mainnet. The Proof of Attendance Protocol aka POAP allows event organizers the issuance of attendance tokens for real and virtual events in sybil resistant manner. Powered by Ethereum and xDAI.

Reneils Tripz: Personal NFTs

I've started my own tokenized art series in 2020. I issue NFTs from altered photos that I've personally recorded on my journeys. Each of these artworks reference to another NFT that I own or have owned along the ride.


Verifiable owner of the first techno-video NFT on Ethereum.
Watch the official teaser and learn more on Twitter.